We build and nurture relationships with on-demand talent.

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We are a complete Talent Pool solution

We are a complete Talent Pool solution that combines HR tech, marketing automation, real human interactions and the power of your brand to attract, engage and manage curated talent pools to realize the maximum benefit of your contingent workforce — going far beyond cost-savings, compliance and quality.

How we do it 🛠

HR Tech × Marketing


Power + Human Touch

We provide the technology via our fully integrated white-label talent pool solution. Using marketing techniques and personal candidate relationship management we fill curated talent pools and build long-lasting relationhips between corporate and contingent talent, so you stay ahead of the fast-moving HR tech landscape. Finally, a way for your organization to manage contingent talent with less dependency on suppliers.

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Marketing-Powered Recruitment

Long-term contingent talent engagement starts with awareness through targeted marketing campaigns, intelligently crafted to attract the right talent at the right time.

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Human Talent Relations

We leverage your brand, alongside cutting edge marketing techniques and personal candidate relationship management, to convert vetted contingent talent into applicants and talent pool members.

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Reduced Hiring Cycles

Talent pools containing perfect candidates readily available whenever a new position opens. We continue to engage and nurture talent for all your future needs, substantially reducing hiring cycles.

A new way to build better relationships with contingent talent

Talent is family.

Competition for contingent talent has never been tougher. It’s a candidate’s world and the talent picks you.

In order to attract, hire and retain the best contingent talent, building a strong family-like bond is key. Using your brands power, we utilize state-of-the-art marketing automation technology for simple and effective talent attraction and acquisition. Paired with a sophisticated candidate data platform, we make talent engagement intuitive and human by delivering personal, positive and authentic interactions that nurture, excite and inspire - at precisely the right moment in time.

In other words, we treat contingent talent how we desire to be treated ourselves.

Twago Talent Is Family


A tailor-made corporate talent pool solution

This is not the whole story, we know, but your contingent talent strategy can only be successful when risky compliance concerns, inconsistent quality and general administrative hassles are minimized.


100% Compliant

Full contract compliance with standardized terms & conditions. No risk.


Cost Effective

7–15% cost reduction via lower rates and skipping the supplier margin.

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Complete Visibility

Full visibility allows your company to accurately manage and evaluate time, costs, resources and quality of contingent talent.


Fully Integrated

Full intergration into existing VMS/MSP processes and current workflows. Official Fieldglass Partner.

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Easy Implementation

White-label solution tailored to the needs of your brand. Quick implementation and on-boarding.

“I particular love how easy twago talent pool was implemented into our workflows and processes and totally customized to our needs and brand identity.”